Features: Montrose Family News

Kate Novack '24, Staff Writer

2020 was a challenging year, but it also brought love, happiness, and joy to many Montrosians and their families. With the births of new Mavericks and future weddings to come, we have a lot to celebrate.

Upper School English and Theology teacher Ms Smith is engaged and plans to get married on June 26th, 2021. When our class heard whispers that she might be engaged, we all were screaming at the top of our lungs! We ran into her classroom, looked at her ring finger, and all admired the beautiful engagement ring that was sitting on top of it. 

In Ms Smith’s theology class, we have been reading mostly the Old Testament, some of the New Testament, and a book called Bible Basics for Catholics. In this book, it references a wedding supper of the lambs. Naturally, as a budding wedding planner, I suggested to Ms.Smith that at her wedding she should invite her fiance’s family, her family, and some lambs at the back to create the ambiance of a Biblical wedding 2,000 years ago. She was somewhat open to the idea. I hope she considers it! Ms Smith says: “I am really excited. I have something concrete to look forward to. We still have a lot of planning spiritually and logistically.” As we know from our studies, marriage is a covenant, and Ms. Smith will be entering into this covenant in just five short months. Ms. Smith also said: “A wedding is also a ceremony where all of the people you care for and love so much are all in the same place.”

Our very own Biology and Chemistry teacher Mrs. Cheffers gave birth to a baby boy on New Year’s Eve. His name is Maximilian Andre Joseph. Mrs. Cheffers writes: “He made an early and incredibly whirlwind appearance but we are all well, and are happy to close out 2020 on the highest note.” The Montrose community is thrilled that Mrs. Cheffers was able to enjoy this unusual, unprecedented New Year’s Eve with her beautiful baby boy, and hope for the future. 

Credit: the Cheffers Family

The final piece of wonderful news is that Upper and Middle School science teacher Ms Thordarson (Ms T) is also engaged. We all had the same reaction to Ms T’s engagement as we did to Ms Smith’s. There had been rumors that Ms.T was engaged and would be getting married since early fall, but our class found out in November. Word had spread, and one day she finally lifted up her hand to confirm the hints — without saying a word, other than a broad grin. 

Montrose School is a place where love, kindness, and gratitude are shared. These three women are entering into the next chapter of their lives with the love, help, and generosity of their Montrose Family behind them. We wish the future couples and new parents every grace and blessing — and a life filled with beauty. 


Kate Novack ‘24, Staff Writer