What’s With All the Sage Green? Current Color Trends in Fashion

Contributing writer Rosie Reale 24 dives into the current fan-favorites of the fashion rainbow.

Credit: Stellar Magazine

Contributing writer Rosie Reale ’24 dives into the current fan-favorites of the fashion rainbow.

Colors have been going in and out of style for many years. The color trends of these past two years seem to be more neutral tones, such as brown and sage green. It seems that as a society, we would rather wear colors that are calming in order to contrast our hectic daily lives.  

Brown used to be only thought of as the color of dirt or mud, but it has recently become very popular. People have discovered a newfound love for a color that was once widely disliked.  It certainly contrasts the bright colors and styles worn in the 2010s.  But, brown also brings a more sophisticated look, something that many appreciate after years of vibrant colors that risk looking childish and ridiculous when worn wrong. Faye Stearns ‘24 said: “I think brown is a very neutral tone, but because it’s so simple, if you have the right skin tone or hair color, it can bring out your best features. For example, it really works with blue or green eyes.” Recently, there was a trend on TikTok where people dyed their old clothes or Converse shoes brown. Recent trends have also come to feature monochromatic brown outfits. If you take a look at Pinterest, you’ll find plenty of boards dedicated to brown and its many different shades. 

Another color that is popular right now is sage green. It has a calming aura that can remind us of peaceful spring days. “A few years ago, I used to think the color green was ugly, and I always wondered why people would wear it.  Now I just want to buy all of my clothes in the color green,” said Abbie Lindblad ‘24.  Abbie also mentioned recently buying the popularized green graffiti sweater along with a slew of other green articles of clothing. Other popular green clothing items include green silk and green corset tops.  Fashion influencers such as Emma Chamberlain are also frequently seen wearing green.

Overall, the transition to calmer colors these past few years has, in my opinion, been a good thing. While it is inevitable that bright colors will make a comeback someday, we can enjoy these neutral and sophisticated colors while they are in style. 


Rosie Reale ‘24 Contributing Writer