Drowning in the Music



Music is a source of therapy for most people.

Every time I put them on

I wear them like a crown 

My headphones that drown

feelings, noise, 

And that constant buzz in my brain 

That circles round and round 


The tune seeps into my ears 

water dripping from a crack in the roof 

Down onto the slippery floor 

With a rush of summer waves

The notes flood my inside and slowly out 

A little smile appears in the corner of my mouth 


I can feel every little note surging through my veins 

Washing away all that dramatic teenage pain 

It’s contagious: 

In my ears, to my brain, all the way down to my feet 

I might start to move them a little 

to replicate the beat 


The song slowly enters my soul

   Like a ray of sunshine and

    waking early to watch the sunrise

In the morning time

Colors, emotions, laughter and sobbing

How can one song make you feel so much? 


My heart is leaping through tall grass fields 

The limits are beyond space

I don’t even have the words to describe

A beautiful work of art 

That has the ability to change a human heart 


Music drowns the world out 

It’s washes away all the negative emotions

And brings me to a blank canvas 

         A calm morning ocean 

The world is but an echo when I listen to music 

And before me are all possibilities


Olivia Lipson ’25, Creative Writing Editor