The Auburn Leaves


The sun shining on fall leaves.

 The waters used to shimmer in the summer breeze

Flowing with it blissful memories 

Dripping popsicles and lemonade 

Freedom and Fourth of July Parades


Today the wind is a paint brush 

Trailing behind it warm colors

Golds, and browns, and oranges all mixed together 

The crisp cool air flows through my lungs

How I wish it could stay there forever 


Soft whispers of changes through time 

Through the falling leaves— they each tell a story 

Every year, the cycles continues —hundreds of years 

Thousands of stories of love and fear 


Just take a moment to hear the voice of the auburn leaves 

The time that always changes; with it goes the leaves 

The sun begins to set at evening time, 

Shining a golden light

on all the sea of yellow in sight 

And as the moon begins to rise 

I think of all the summer smiles 


As the sun does surely rise—

Fewer leaves are left behind 

Colors will be bare 

Across everywhere 

And winter will soon rush in 


Olivia Lipson ’25, Creative Writing Editor