Fields of Gold


A field of gold on a cloudy day.

Can you imagine? 

Fields of gold 

Filled with stories of love 

Never to be sold 


With dreams that reach past the stars 

A tower inside the universe


When I die 

I want to fly 

I want to feel the tops of the summer trees 

I want to see it all through my amber eyes 



I can’t even write it all

Everything that I feel 

Can never be described 

Through words that I write 

No matter how much soul I put into them 


I guess there are things we just don’t know

     poetry, words, songs, and art 

Are the closest we’ll get, though, 


How can one describe love, life, death, or hope through merely words? 

When humans only know so much 

So strong; too strong 

There is no way to categorize 


Humans take what they can 

   Next thing you know they take what the see 

After that they want the whole world in their hands 

Their hands stained by greed 


We categorize, use the algorithms,

 but we can never box up the feelings were living 

And I wish I could write it all, 

It’s just my nature 

I wish every feeling could be written and recorded 

The big and the small 

But there’s no way

 I guess we’ll never really know 

Until we’re standing in the fields of gold


by Olivia Lipson ’25, Creative Writing Editor