Thousands of Suns

Sun shining through trees

Sun shining through trees

Grasping lights, reflected on glistening cities 

 The small wonders, from afar, 

the ones who’ve watched for ages

And shined through  lakes and ponds 


Reaching dreams from yonder 

A moment to ponder 

The eyes who glanced 

At sparkling jewels- on a dark canvas 

Suspended through and strung— on invisible threads


The beautiful things they saw

Times own capsule– in a glowing speck 

A world gone by from day to night 


Sparkling white — shiny smiles

through darkness- a fiery ember; that’s burned through time

Alone but together 

Close but spaced-  connected through night, but light years away


Street lights and fireflies 

wordly imitations of what’s above– the thousands of suns 


by Liv Lipson ’25, Creative Writing Editor