The Saddened Trees

The saddened trees

Must kill their leaves

To survive the bitter frosty bite

Of the winter in all its might


The strong arm of such coldness

Leaves leaves left with sadness

As their short lives have been lived

And now their energy they must give


The tree ceases to give its leaves

The life they once possessed

And now they sadly, slowly die

To preserve trees as bitter winds fly 


To see all people passing

Expressing their wonder that is amassing

As they marvel at such exuberant hues

Fills the trees with hopeful views


For though it is their leaves they lose

Through the dreary winter blues

They remember the joy they gave

As hope rises from its grave


And so the rich and flowing life

That fills nature in all its strife

Gives people joy and ease

Bringing peace to the saddened trees 


By Kate Ladino ‘25, Staff Writer