Lost: A Very Short Story



A fresh take on the classic cat-dog trope.

He padded carefully around a puddle, shuddering at the thought of his fur getting wet. The tag on his collar jingled as he passed the library, looking scornfully at a forlorn-looking dog on the steps. The dog, seeing the look of kindness on the cat’s face, jumped down from the steps and hopefully inquired as to where the cat was headed. The cat glared and coldly replied: “Anywhere I won’t run into a dog.” The dog, completely missing the hint, smiled and agreed. “I’m lost, and the other dogs are making fun of me.” She paused to bark at a squirrel, who, undeterred, continued his trek across the street. 

The cat purred: “I ran away because the food was not up to my standard. Aren’t you happy to be lost? You can do whatever you want.”

“I didn’t mind the food,” the dog replied cheerfully, “I want to ride in a car!”

The cat joked: “Why not chase a car, instead?” 

The dog’s eyes grew large and round at the thought. “What a marvelous idea!” And with a hop, skip, and a jump, she was off chasing cars amid the angry honks and disbelieving shouts of the drivers. Well, thought the cat, I sure am glad to be alone again, and he continued on his way.


By Isabela Pap ’24, Rising Creative Writing Editor