Wednesday is Think Pink — a School-wide Event to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness


Maevis Fahey '21, Staff Writer

Tomorrow, Montrosians will don pink, as we hold our school-wide Think Pink event, to raise awareness for breast cancer. Posters will be scattered throughout the school, revealing statistics and encouraging prevention. Everyone will feel the buzz of Montrose being united as one, all wearing pink hair ribbons passed out in the morning. We thank all of you for putting heart into cheering our sports players in pink at tomorrow’s games. Please join enthusiastically in the Think Pink event!,

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month; and, unfortunately, this disease takes the lives of thousands annually. But, over recent years, thanks to modern medicine and research funding from nonprofit organizations, the number has been dropping. Some breast cancer statistics in the United States include:

  • 12% of women are affected by the disease in their lifetime
  • breast cancer and lung cancer cause the most cancer deaths in women
  • 85% of diagnoses are based on no family history
  • 40,610 women expected to die from breast cancer in 2017

Within our own community, many of our students know or are related to others suffering from breast cancer. Keeping yourself aware of the disease gives us all a better understanding of what those affected have to go through, and reminds us to pray for them in in their time of need and suffering. During this month, all of us can keep those affected by breast cancer and their families in our prayers, asking our Lord to give them strength. We  hope you all look forward to this event next year.