Sixth Graders Host Dinner With The Gods


Sixth graders wearing creative costumes emulating Greek gods and goddesses.

Josie Marcucci '25, Staff Writer

On Friday, October 12, the sixth graders celebrated literature teacher Mrs. Keefe’s annual Dinner with the Gods.

“The dinner with the gods was a great way to end the unit and it changed my perspective on greek mythology,” a current eighth grader recalls.  The event was the best way to end our time learning about mythology. It was an opportunity to take a break, have fun, and be creative. This project is an interesting way of showing what you have learned about the Greek gods, and also a really fun thing to do. Sixth graders  brought in a large variety of foods for the dinner, with anything from a wedding cake to finger sandwiches.

One by one the gods and goddesses, aka the creative sixth graders, arrived. When everyone sat down, they found out one chair was missing. Zeus as king of the Gods announced that Hades, God of the underworld, must sit in the underworld. Then the program began. Each student presented their god explaining how their costume, goblet and food represented their god.

This special dinner has occurred for many years at Montrose. Mrs. Keefe said, “In the past four years, I have taught the Greek myths I have never seen so much food variety!”  This is true. There was everything from tortilla chips to sparkling grape juice and even a mini three-tiered wedding cake! Thanks to all the moms that helped us out on this exciting lunch- Mrs. Farr, Mrs. Kerr, Mrs. Derendorf and Mrs. Keefe, the teacher who brought about this dinner!

An awesome  example of creativity was when Keira Pek ‘25 dressed in a fish tail. She was Poseidon, the God of Water and the Ocean. For her costume she brought in a fish tail to put on for pictures. This is how Poseidon is depicted in some pictures, and was a creative choice.

As you can see, this was a great time.  Amelia White ‘25 agrees: “The god’s feast was a huge success with great food and plenty of laughter.” There was thoughtfulness, creativity, and fun put together into this anticipated Olympian project.

The Dinner with the Gods was a great way to show what we know and to turn a simple, nerve-wracking project into a fun celebration. Let’s give a toast to all the fabulous volunteers, teachers, parents, and most of all, the students who made this happen!