Support a Local Family Business: The Uches’ JEDWIMG Corp


Jenn Uche '22, Asst. Arts & Entertainment Editor

There are plenty of families in America that own their own businesses and my family is one of many of them. My family’s business is called JEDWIMG CORP, which  sells ladies designer shoes and handbags out of my hometown of North Attleboro, MA. The woman behind it all is my mother: Jane Uche.

Our company name is a unique one. It is an acronym for the names of the kids of our family: Jennifer, Daniel, Whitney, Ijeoma, Michael, and Gold. My mother, the founder and CEO, says, “It’s because this business is for the children.”

While juggling with six children and wanting to improve our family income and still remain accessible to the family, my mother decided to start a small family business. She flew to China with my little sister, Gold, who was 11 months old at the time, and looked for a manufacturing company to produce our exquisite products.

While in China, my mother designed the hand bags and oversaw all the updates and improvements that were made on them.

Beginning by creating a business name; then, connecting with the business that manufactures and produces their own products. Glory be to Jesus! Now, our small business is up and running, and just by following the will of God and watching what he wants us to do next,” is how my mother explains it.

Once completed,  the Chinese manufacturing company delivered the bags to Boston and my mom had to drive a gigantic U-HAUL truck from Boston to North Attleboro, which she tells me was an “absolutely terrifying” experience.

We give all credit and glory to Our Almighty God! Who would’ve ever believed that my family as poor as we are can ever own a small business?”

My family all came together to help set up the store. Bags. Bags. Bags. Bags with bags in them. Boxes just for plastic bags. Bags everywhere. After several days of setting up and  decorating, we put up the store sign and were done!

Entrepreneurship is a difficult process, but a very rewarding one as well. One can make a business however one may want, but it’s certainly better when you work together on it as a family.

My mother mentioned in our interview, “For people that know or wish to learn more about business, you must know it’s usually a very slow process during the first year. But we are now in our second year and advertising our new God-given business and finding customers.

Pay a visit to our store if you’re in the North Attleboro area! And pick up some hand bags with a special discount!

We are located at 424 East Washington St, North Attleboro MA 02760.

Our phone number is: 1-855-JEDWIMG or 1-855-533-9464.