Middle School Semester in Review


Credit: Adam Richins

The middle school musical was a huge hit.

The start of the school year had its ups and downs, but has been filled with many fun activities!

We kicked off the start of the school year with Homecoming Weekend, which everyone loved and enjoyed very much. Check out this middle school article about Homecoming from September!    

Seventh graders run through their banner on Homecoming Friday. (Credit: Adam Richins)

Then, we moved onto October and experienced the Haunted Hallway that the 10th grade class came up with, and our first Open House. 

Mrs. O’Brien really committed to her Halloween costume! (Credit: Mrs. Martin)

In November, we had two amazing wins for the IGC championships from Varsity Soccer and Volleyball! JV volleyball also finished their first official season. 

The varsity volleyball team after their IGC championship win. (Credit: Mrs. Ruggieri)

Next, we had jolly time in December with Ugly Sweater Day and other fun Montrose Christmas traditions! We also performed at Lessons and Carols, directed by Mrs. Rios and Ms. Demirjan, and thespians finally put on the Middle School Musical, Beauty and the Beast! 

Middle schoolers went all out on Ugly Sweater Day. (Credit: Mrs. Martin)
Beauty in the Beast was delayed a few weeks, but middle schoolers pushed through to make it happen! (Credit: Adam Richins)


We interviewed some students and teachers, asking about their highlights from the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year, and picked some answers.

Clare Olohan ‘28 said: “I loved all the fun CHR activities, especially the dodgeball tournament!”

Catalina Perdomo ‘27 said: “We got 2nd in our cross country championships, and it was great — I was so happy as it was my first year! I made so many new friends on the team!”

Middle School Math Teacher Ms. Moran said: “I loved coaching JV field hockey and our team.”

Brynn O’Brien ‘24 said, “I loved the haunted hallway and watching the Christmas skits.”

Quinn Dumouchel ‘26 said, “I loved the Big and Little Sister activities, especially the cookie decorating!” 

Catherine Olohan, ‘22 said, “Halloween was my favorite!”

The beginning of the school year has been a blast, and the middle school can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for us!


Julianna Flores, Leah Vaz, and Adele Lyons ‘27, Contributing Writers

27jflores@montroseschool.org, 27lvaz@montroseschool.org, 27alyons@montroseschool.org