Mary McManmon’s Years on the Field


(Credit: Maevis Fahey)

Mary McManmon '20, Former Co-Sports Editor

It’s hard to believe that this spring I will be playing my last season as a Maverick. Seven years ago, I was so eager to step on to Miracle Field and begin my journey in Montrose athletics. The fact that I won’t have that chance again invokes an indescribable feeling within me. Having played for many teams before starting at Montrose, I did not have any high expectations when I started my first fall season. This changed immediately once I had my first practice, where I was surrounded by supportive teammates and eager coaches. The family within the teams each year, regardless of the sport, was what truly made Montrose’s athletics different than other schools. The focus on creating friendships with girls from a variety of grades has definitely been the most impactful part of my athletic experience. I remember the feeling of making my first close friendship with girls in the upper school when I started playing for Varsity in eighth grade. Their friendship, leadership and guidance instilled a sort of confidence in me that not only helped me become a better player, but helped me realize the importance of being a strong leader. Now that I am a senior, I have made it my goal during each season to reach out to girls I have never talked to and form new friendships.

I can easily say that sports are one of the most important things to me. They have been an escape from all of the hectic things that I have gone through, and have been something that allowed me to create a strong work ethic. Since practices usually ran until 5:45, I was able to create a routine schedule that I followed religiously. After getting home from practice, I always started my work and got it done at a reasonable hour. With the help of coaches, I was able to be disciplined and diligent in my work, just like I was striving to be on the field. If I did not have this, I could not imagine where my grades would be. 

Furthermore, Montrose’s love for their sports teams is another thing that always makes every season better than the last. I could easily bet that there will always be one teacher at every home game. While the act of a teacher showing up to a game might seem simple, it has had a huge impact on me. My teachers, who spend hours trying to find new and exciting ways to teach us things, take time out of their lives to come support their students. With this, I’d like to shoutout Mrs. Forsgard and Ms Rice, because I genuinely do not think they have ever missed a home basketball game. Their presence in the crowd makes our day. 

I hope to make my last season in varsity lacrosse, the best one yet. Lacrosse is by far my favorite sport, and I am extremely excited to be a captain this year. This has been a dream of mine since I started playing JV in sixth grade, and I cannot believe it has finally happened. While my hand surgery has put me out a few weeks into the season, it will not change the effort and intensity I will put into this season. Having just won another IGC trophy in our basketball season, I am determined to earn a fourth one again in Lacrosse. I know that my love for sports will carry over into college, and the confidence that Montrose has given me will allow me to try out for a variety of teams, especially Lacrosse. While I am extremely sad that my time is ending (and yes I did cry while writing this), I know that the future of Montrose athletics is in amazing hands. There are so many incredible players that I am so excited to see grow, and I am even more excited to see all the new years added on the championship banners. Thank you, Montrose, and Go Mavs. 

Mary McManmon ’20, Former Co-Sports Editor