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Love, The Looking Glass & Your Mentees!

At any given time during the school year, you can walk by the Upper School hallway and take a glance into Room 10. More often than not, you’ll see Mrs. Whitlock in deep conversation with a Montrose girl. It’s never the same person, and you can never be sure what they’re discussing — a homework assignment, friendships, boy troubles, National History Day projects, or maybe a good book. Mrs. Whitlock, we’ve missed many different parts of school life lately, but nothing can quite replace your joyful spirit and welcoming wicker chair everyday. From afar, we want to wish you a happy birthday and thank you for all that you do.

If Montrose created a “Biggest Heart Award,” it would go straight to you, Mrs. Whitlock. You expect only the best from each and everyone one of us. Your genuine love for teaching radiates far and wide, and it inspires us to love to learn. The books we read are not just stories to you. They’re adventures you want to take us on, and you never get tired of them, year after year. The bright grins and nods you offer whenever we share an insight during class encourage us to trust ourselves and take risks to share our voices.

So, here’s some messages from your Looking Glass writers and mentees, past and present. You’ve made us into warriors! From the bottom of our hearts, we hope you have a wonderful birthday.


“At one of the first newspaper meetings I ever went to, I had an article idea. I was so nervous to speak in front of a whole bunch of people I didn’t know, but after I had put it out there, Mrs. Whitlock was really encouraging and made me feel not as scared.” — Julia Luster ‘26

“I think Mrs. Whitlock is a very warm person! She is very welcoming and always flexible. She always is open to new ideas and welcoming new people into the Looking Glass! I am really glad that Mrs. Whitlock is the head of the newspaper, and I hope things stay that way. I am also glad that I made the choice to join the newspaper, for it has helped me to meet new people and get involved in the Montrose community. Since I was new this year, it was nice to be doing things for Montrose so quickly! 🙂 So thank you Mrs. Whitlock for encouraging ideas and being the flexible, warm, welcoming person you are! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” — Olivia Lipson ‘25

“Mrs. Whitlock, even though (as a middle schooler) I don’t get to see you that often, you have still helped me out a lot through newspaper and general advice. I was slightly nervous about joining the Looking Glass, but my mom actually convinced me to go, saying that you were really nice. Multiple times. I love talking to you before school outside the Art room on Thursdays. Thanks for the support and compliments, Happy Birthday!!” — Amelia White ‘25

“Happy Birthday Mrs.Whitlock! You are such an amazing writer, advisor, mother, manager of the newspaper, and so much more! Have a blessed Easter and may God Bless you on your birthday!” — Kate Novack ‘24

“We’ve talked about Aeneas, Odysseus, Caesar and Brutus, the great leaders of long ago

but today we only talk about the leader in our midst, the true hero we all know.

The one who teaches us to be great warriors, confident, bold and strong

the one who makes us feel talented and important, the one who makes us feel like we belong

the one who brings history to life, the one who makes learning so much fun

the one who challenges us to do our best, and out of love pushes us to be number one

the one who would do anything in her power to see us succeed and reach our goal

the true leader whose lessons will stay with us wherever we may go. 

Yes! you guessed right it is Mrs. Whitlock, our great leader, and our kindest friend

to whom On this special day, all our love, gratitude and the best of wishes we send. 

                                                 HAPPY BIRTHDAY”

— Bezawit O’Neill ‘23

“She is one of the most confident people I know and I hope she has a great birthday.” — Ava Ryan ‘23

“I credit my coming out of my shell to Mrs Whitlock. She’s actually the one who encouraged me to become a section editor for the newspaper. Without her, I never would’ve been confident enough to do the things I do. She truly brings out that courageous part of people.” — Elyza Tuan ‘23

“Hi Mrs. Whitlock, happy birthday! I hope you have an amazing birthday, I enjoy having you as my teacher and my mentor!” — Julia Willette ‘23

“Mrs. Whitlock!! You are iconic!! Thank you for being the person who inspired and continues to inspire me every day to work hard, but more importantly to take care of myself. You are the best!” — Emma Barry ‘22

“My favorite memory of Mrs. Whitlock was when we were watching Great Expectations in Genres of Literature last year, and we got to a part that we hadn’t read in the book. She screamed and sprinted across the room to slam the computer shut before we could see it. It was literally the funniest thing ever. One word I would use to describe her is: passionate. There’s nothing she does that she doesn’t put all of her effort into and it’s really inspiring. Mrs. Whitlock taught me how to take constructive criticism better. Before her class, I always expected A’s on my papers, but for her class, I had to learn how to really work for the grades I wanted. My writing has completely changed because of her and I am grateful for it. I love Mrs. Whitlock!” — Erica Brown ‘22

“I don’t think I can describe Mrs. Whitlock in just one word. She is passionate and therefore is willing to go above and beyond for any student. I really appreciate her honesty and ability to not hold back her opinions or thoughts when she helps a student. I think my favorite trait about Mrs. Whitlock is her love for her classroom plants and how they are still alive because all my plants literally die.” — Faith Chen ’22

“Mrs. Whitlock, you are such an amazing advisor. I am always in a better mood after our advising sessions, and it is always a highlight in my day when I get to talk to you. Thank you so much for always having my back and helping me all the time. From your fearless example, I am learning how to be a better warrior, and for that, I am eternally grateful. Thank you for always being a beacon for me even in this crazy time. I am so grateful to have you as an advisor, because you are always pushing me to be the best that I can be. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday, Mrs. Whitlock, and a great year!” — Bella Convery ‘22

“Mrs. Whitlock, you are the reason I started newspaper in the first place — thank you for giving me this whole experience. You are incredibly enthusiastic about what you love and equally enthusiastic about what your students love. Thank you for teaching me to “harness” my energy and for being an endless support system of joy for the whole Montrose community. Happy Birthday!!” — Kasey Corra ‘22

“Happy birthday Mrs. Whitlock! From the first week of freshman year when you told the entire class that they were always welcome to come into your room (somebody else in there, crying, being the only exception to the rule) you’ve always been there for the entire school. We love you and hope you have a great day!” — Tess Farr ‘22

“Mrs. Whitlock is an amazing teacher and role model. She’s always willing to help any student with a paper or presentation. (I could never begin to thank her for all her help with NHD last year.) I also love how passionate she is about anything Montrose. Her love for Montrose reminds me of what a special school I go to, even when I only feel like complaining. Happy Birthday Mrs. Whitlock! Thank you for everything!” — Alanna Hyatt ‘22

“Happy Birthday, Mrs. Whitlock!

Thank you for putting up with my introverted antics! Your constant support of me has always been very greatly appreciated. I hope this next year for you gives you more smiles, more laughs, and less students who forget to turn in their homework punctually.

May the ink of your famous black Flair pen never run dry!

Your advisee, I mean mentee,


— Kate Pioch ‘22

“Mrs. Whitlock, you are one of the biggest reasons why I smile during the day. You just… exude love and comfort to everyone. I can never thank you enough for all of your love and support, except I can say that in every writing thing I do, I think of you.  I love you!!! (And happy birthday!!!)” — Jenn Uche ‘22

“Happy Birthday Mrs. Whitlock!!! I hope you have an amazing day even though we’re all stuck in our houses because you really do deserve a special day filled with enjoyment! You have done so much for me and you are one of the main reasons I enjoy being a part of the Montrose community. From working on both my NHD projects with me for hours to giving me the most helpful advisor advice, you have made my experience at Montrose so much better and you have helped me form a more mature and unique outlook on my life as a whole. I know that sounds dramatic, but the analyzing skills you have taught us in our ninth grade classes have been imprinted in my brain. I know this is a student cliche, but you really are the best teacher I’ve ever had and I am so grateful for and to you! I love you and happy birthday!!” — Spandana Vagwala ‘22

“Mrs. Whitlock, you are the best teacher I’ve ever had and you’re my second mother. You’ve been my rock throughout high school, and your classroom will always be a place where I feel welcome and heard. You push me to be a better person and never expect anything less. I still remember at the beginning of freshman year when I accidentally tipped over a huge plant in the back of your class, spilling the broken pot and muddy water everywhere! Oops. Thank you for always being someone I trust and someone I can go to about anything going on in my life. You have taught me the power of listening and truly caring about others. You have taught me how to really, really love something enough to give up fifteen hours of your weekend every month for it! Most of all, you’ve taught me that when you believe in something, you give it your all — even if that means you have to make sacrifices, take risks, and do things you’ve never done before. Thank you for believing in me.” — Maevis Fahey ‘21

“Talking about Mrs. Whitlock, the first word comes to my mind is genial. I think is a friend because she knows my feelings and she understands me. And she is also very caring; I got lots of support from her in the past three years. Either about academic or some mental courage. And she is so CUTE! (I mean it in an appropriate way…) Happy Birthday dear Mrs. Whitlock! Love you so much!” — Carol Li ‘21

“Mrs. Whitlock has helped me grow in not only my writing, but also as an individual this year. After coming from a school that didn’t focus much on writing and writing well, I was intimidated going into AP Lang. However, Mrs. Whitlock taught me so much about how to form essays and feel confident doing so. I’m grateful for all of our class discussions in both AP Lang and APUSH, which have helped stick info in a fun way! Also, thank you for running the newspaper — the community is so welcoming and caring and I’m happy I joined this year. Happy Birthday Mrs. Whitlock!! Hope you have a good day :)” — Ciara Scamby ‘21

“Favorite memory: First day of 9th grade. The famed Mrs. Whitlock steps to the front of Room 10. The last thing we want to do is speak, stand, or be noticed on this first day in her classroom. And she says her famous line: ‘Get up on your desk and stand like a warrior.’” — Anna Sheehan ‘21

“When I first came to Montrose as a freshman, I had never written a paper before. Mrs Whitlock has taught me everything I know about writing and continues to push me to be the best writer I can be. I’ve learned so much from her. She’s always made her classes fun and challenging and I’m so lucky to have had her as my teacher for two years.” — Lucy Stefani ‘21

“Hi Mrs. Whitlock! Happy Birthday!!! I remember the first time I met you when I was in 8th grade at NHD. You walked down the hall and said hello and congrats to me! I remember being so scared of you but also being so excited to have you as a teacher. Then, the first day of 9th grade, we assumed your iconic warrior pose. No one forgets the warrior pose, and that is my word to describe you — unforgettable. You have helped me so much as a student and as a person. Not only did you help me improve my writing, but also improve my open mindset. You helped me open up to the idea of writing, and now, here I am, a newspaper editor writing an article a week! Another appreciation for you comes from this AP situation. I know that at public schools, students are now left to fend for themselves with AP classes. But, here you are, working your butt off, telling us the best strategies, and being determined for all of us to get 5’s. You are such a special person, Mrs. Whitlock. Your love for learning is incredible and your determination is unstoppable. Thank you for everything you’ve done to change my life. I feel like I don’t say that enough, so thank you one million times! And, I hope you enjoy your birthday! Happy Birthday!!” — Neha Sunkara ‘21

“The happiest of birthdays, Mrs. Whitlock! Thank you for celebrating my little successes while never letting me settle for them. I appreciate all the tough love, humility, and selflessness you have displayed throughout the years. I know that I am prepared for college (and beyond!) not only because you taught me how to write and read well but because you taught me how to think and speak with confidence, thoughtfulness, and sincerity. I will miss you (and the newspaper) so much next year!” — Anna Bachiochi ‘20

“Mrs.Whitlock is the one teacher that helped me change my perspective on writing. She pushed me to join newspaper, which originally was something completely out of my comfort zone. Throughout my junior year, she helped strengthen my confidence with writing while also becoming a friend to confide in over school problems. She always greets me warmly, even when I’m not in uniform (which is a majority of the time), and she never hesitates to ask how I am.” — Mary McManmon ‘20

“As someone who’s taken multiple classes with Mrs. Whitlock and was in the newspaper for years with her, I can truly say that Mrs. Whitlock is one of the most impactful teachers I’ve had. She is so hard working and extremely dedicated, and nothing goes without appreciation. In my college journey I’ve taken class after class where the literature we read, and the skills I’ve taken away, come up time and time again. I wouldn’t have the knowledge or experience I have today if she hadn’t been such a presence in my life. Thank you, Mrs. Whitlock.” — Kiki Karam ‘19

“Thank you, Mrs. Whitlock, for helping me grow as a writer, always pushing me to be my best. You have taught me many skills which will benefit me throughout my college career and beyond. You have made a great impact on my life, and I will be forever grateful and in debt to you. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and I wish you all the best in this next year.” — Maddie Marcucci ‘19

“Mrs. Whitlock, happy birthday! I am so lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for being someone I can rely on since I was twelve years old. I am so grateful that we continue to stay in touch and I can’t wait to see you once this craziness blows over. You are one of my favorite people and you always have the best advice, whether it be about school, boys, friendship, or book recommendations. You inspire me to follow my passions and pursue them in college (even though it’s scary)! I hope you’re surviving the year and I’m sure your students all appreciate everything you are doing to teach right now. Love, Mariel.” — Mariel Rosati ‘19

“Mrs. Whitlock, you are so important in forming not only how I read and write, but how I look at the world around me. By keeping your class open to respectful dialogue, I learned so much about other people and perspectives, and how to express my ideas and opinions in a clear way. This has been so important in college, and I can’t thank you enough for it. From the first day of ninth grade, you formed warriors that were not just intellectual, but kind, respectful, and driven. Happy birthday, from one warrior to another!” — Aine Ford ‘18

“Happy birthday, Mrs. Whitlock. You gave me the confidence I needed to soar in high school and beyond. I still think of the ‘Banned Words List’ when I write and I most certainly never use the word ‘show!’ I hope you are able to celebrate big in quarantine. Thank you for everything you are doing for me and for all the students at Montrose. Montrose would not be the same without you. Sending love and hugs from away!” — Olivia Hastie ‘18

“Happy birthday, Mrs. Whitlock. Thank you for helping me to build confidence as a writer and for always believing in me. My English professor recently asked me to meet with the head of the department to share some of the essays I had written for his class ‘Love in An Age of Cynicism.’ I utilized many of the techniques from your class for those papers, and I think of you almost every time I’m writing an essay. Lots of love!” — Anneka Ignatius ‘18

“Mrs. Whitlock was one of my favorite teachers and mentors at Montrose! Working with her on the newspaper was really a life-changing experience for me. She helped me develop my confidence and voice!” — Gabby Landry ‘18

“Whenever I’m in a seminar at college now, I’m not nervous to speak in class. Before I speak I hear her in my head, telling me to ‘Say it like a warrior!’ I’ve learned from Mrs. Whitlock to be confident in my skills and to be courageous in the classroom, because getting things wrong helps us learn more.” — Skylar Miklus ‘18

“Mrs. Whitlock! Happiest of birthdays to you! I can’t believe it’s almost been two years since I’ve graduated Montrose, and three since you taught me in class. One of my most vivid memories from Montrose is the first day of ninth grade, when you told us to stand on our desks and yell ‘I am a warrior!’ as we embraced our study of British literature for the first time. Almost six years later, I still study British literature, and I attribute much of the passion I have for reading and writing to your teaching. Though I still remember most of the books and poems we read, and though my college term papers still conjure up your many writing and editing tips, it was never just literature and writing skills that you taught. Each and every day, you instilled courage within me and generations of girls — courage to learn, courage to understand human nature through literature, and therefore, courage to understand ourselves. The day may come where ‘The Albatross’ and GK Chesterton and ‘Jane Eyre’ and the thrill of the first printed Looking Glass and “be more concise” and your red-scrawled handwriting fade from my memory. However, the things that will indelibly remain are you, Mrs. Whitlock, and the warrior-like courage you instilled within me, with which I face all that I do. It is especially today that I celebrate you as well as thank you for all you have given to me and countless others. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Whitlock!” — Alex Rider ‘18

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS. WHITLOCK! Thank you so much for being such a constant mentor and genuine support. I appreciate you now more than ever for how active a role you played in my education inside and outside of the classroom. The Looking Glass was one of the highlights of my Montrose career, but I would not be nearly as satisfied nor proud of our work without your influence. Thank you for pushing me when I needed it and teaching me that going against the grain isn’t a bad thing!” — Monica Stack ‘15