The Return of the Montrose Coffeehouse


The Coffeehouse, a favorite tradition, returned last week!

This past week, Montrose students gathered in the M&M during Student Life on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to partake in the legendary Coffeehouse, organized by the wonderful Elyza Tuan ‘23 and Lovey Moore ‘24. Girls from all different grades and even teachers had the opportunity to perform a piece: whether that be a song, a poem, a monologue, or something in between, and share it with the community. There were so many performances that the Coffeehouse was split between three days. It provided a great break in the day and allowed everyone to relax and enjoy the talent of fellow Montrose students and teachers. 

Performing is not the only way to participate in the Coffeehouse. Everyone is welcome to come support and cheer on the performers, and it always proves to be a success! Bella Prunier ‘24 declared: “The Coffeehouse is one of my favorite Montrose traditions. It is always awesome to get to see my friends sing and is a really nice way to finish off the day and get ready for the last period.”  I cannot agree more with Bella, as it is always exciting to hear that a Coffeehouse is coming up! The cheering, encouraging smiles and sense of community that surrounds the event is truly a remarkable thing to experience, and it is something that makes Montrose special. 

It is impossible to articulate the level of talent the performers exuded. From Elyza Tuan’s awe-inspiring cover of “Ceilings” by Lizzy McAlpine to Regina Maricich’s (‘29)  amazing karaoke of “You Belong with Me” by Taylor Swift, girls from all grades truly shined and left the audience with smiles and awe, and I know I speak for everyone when I say: we need another Coffeehouse soon! 


By Helen Olohan, News Editor