Prom Night


Adam Richins

The AP Chem class poses for a prom photo.

With all the stigma that pop culture places on prom, I thought prom would be a jaw-dropping, life-changing event. It wasn’t. Honestly, it was fun but a letdown. In my opinion, semi was more fun.

On April 29, the junior and senior classes, donning beautiful dresses, gathered together at Lakeview Pavilion in Wrentham for prom. The venue was smaller than expected but decorated beautifully. Once the dinner was over, the dance floor began to crowd, ready for the night to begin with upbeat music. Yet somehow, the music the DJ played was either unknown or undanceable, and at the end of the night, there wasn’t even a slow-dance song.

From left to right: Rosie Reale ’24, Katrina Landry ’24, and Abbie Lindblad ’24 enjoy the photo booth. (Adam Richins)

There was a saving grace during the dry spots of the night: the photo booth. With fun props, friends and dates were able to have fun in front of the camera and take silly photos of one another. The photos created a lasting memento from the night.

As soon as the night began, the night ended. Although prom wasn’t quite as fun as anticipated, we hope next year’s prom will be even better.




By Abbie Lindblad ‘24, Copy Editor