The Best of Quarantine from the Looking Glass


(Credit: Adam Richins)

Four seniors jump for joy at the Senior Motorcade on May 29, 2020.

The Looking Glass

On March 12, 2020, Montrose closed its physical doors in Medfield, MA in response to the rise of the coronavirus pandemic. Since our move into the virtual world, the Montrose community has stayed alive and well. The Looking Glass shifted from monthly print editions to our online website, where we have altogether posted over 100 articles. With our biweekly meetings and steady stream of daily articles that are written by students and workshopped by a team of 20 student editors, we’ve turned our greatest challenge into an opportunity.

It’s been a long road, and we’ve grown in more ways that we could ever explain. We’ve learned to celebrate life at virtual Montrose and all of the new traditions it has brought to our school. We’ve learned to reflect upon our time in quarantine as teenagers and students so that we can be the best version of ourselves. We’ve learned to answer the hard questions and dig deeper into the biggest issues of the day. Most of all, we’ve learned the power of connection, and what it means for our tight-knit community while apart.

We hope that our coverage from the past few months might offer you a window into Montrose student life and culture during the pandemic. Down below, you can find a collection of just a sampling of our biggest highlights and headlines. 

Thank you to all of those who have written for the newspaper and for all of those who have supported us by subscribing to our website and reading our content! It truly means the world to us. 

In addition, feel free to check out student coverage on George Floyd and the anti-racism movement.



A Historic Week in Review by Maevis Fahey ‘21 and Kasey Corra ‘22

Sunday Scoop: At-Home Enrichment in Review by Maevis Fahey ’21, Elyza Tuan ’23, and Ciara Scamby ’21

A Historic Month in Review by Spandana Vagwala ‘22 and Maevis Fahey ‘21

Sunday Scoop: Stud Gov’s Spirit Week in Review! by Jenn Uche ‘22

Week in Review: Staying Active in Quarantine by Kasey Corra ‘22

Week in Review: The Executive Debate 2020 by Tess Farr ‘22 and Jenn Uche ‘22



(Editor: Emma Barry ‘22)

Has Online Learning Affected Your Grades? by Elyza Tuan ‘23

This Year’s Top 10 Final Experiences! by Lucy Stefani ‘21

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MRS. WHITLOCK! Love, The Looking Glass Editors and Your Mentees!

A Review on Montrose’s Very Own “Quarantine Diaries” by Emma Barry ‘22

The Maverick Motorcade: Celebrating the Class of 2020! by Kate Novack ‘24 and Anna Sheehan ‘21



(Editor: Anna Sheehan ‘21)

Keeping Clubs Connected by Anna Sheehan ‘21 and Elyza Tuan ‘23

A Reflection on Historic At-Home AP Exams 2020 by Neha Sunkara ‘21

Thank You Seniors: Celebrating Our Musicians and Singers by Elyza Tuan ‘23

Headaches Over Zoom: Fact or Fiction? by Anna Sheehan ‘21

Happy Summer! Middle School Final Experiences in Review by Amelia White ‘25



(Editor: Anna Bachiochi ‘20)

Class Participation on Zoom by Kasey Corra ‘22

Life or Liberty? The USA’s Unique Response to COVID-19 Shutdowns by Anna Bachiochi ‘20
The Pursuit of Productivity: Why Quarantine is a Guilt Trip by Elyza Tuan ‘23

Global Responses to COVID-19: The US vs India by Neha Sunkara ‘21 and Spandana Vagwala ‘22



(Editor: Lucy Stefani ‘21, Asst. Jenn Uche ‘22)

A Film for Quarantine: Tangled by Lucy Stefani ‘21

Stranger Things Season One and Season Two Reviews by Keira Hyatt ‘26

Mavericks Take on Art Challenges by Anna Sheehan ‘21

Montrosians Perform Over Virtual Coffeehouse by Elyza Tuan ‘23 

Montrose Poetry Jam Returns Over Zoom by Neha Sunkara ‘21 and Maevis Fahey ‘21

Start of Summer With Poetry: Montrose Anthology from 2020 Poetry Slam by Jenn Uche ‘22, Neha Sunkara ‘21, Ms Thordarson, Mrs. Cahill-Farella, and Julia Luster ‘26



(Editors: Erica Brown ‘22 and Spandana Vagwala ‘22)

The Wisconsin Election: Voting Amidst Coronavirus Worries by Erica Brown ‘22



 (Editor: Neha Sunkara ‘21)

Healthy Types of Toast by Neha Sunkara ‘21

Steps to Grounding Yourself During Quarantine by Neha Sunkara ‘21

Fostering Relationships with Siblings During Quarantine by Catherine Olohan ‘22

How to Make Your Own Facemask by Emma Barry ‘22

Art in the Montrose Community by Elyza Tuan ‘23 and Neha Sunkara ‘21



(Editor: Bezawit O’Neill ‘23)

Worried about Coronavirus? Reflect with Reason & Faith by Bezawit O’Neill ‘23

A Faith Peer Leader’s Perspective on Deepening Faith During Quarantine by Gabriella Bachiochi ‘21

Gaining Wisdom from Fr. John’s YouTube Channel by Kate Pioch ‘22

Celebrating Holy Week: Drive-Thru Confessions at Montrose by Anna Sheehan ‘21 

Fr. Mike Schmitz Fosters Faith in the Midst of Chaos by Alanna Hyatt ‘22



(Editor: Lily Wei ‘20)

Dr. Anthony Fauci, NIAID Director by Kate Novack ‘24

Two Montrosians Win Top Honors in MA for Letters for Literature Contest by Maevis Fahey ‘21

The Greatest Gift by Bezawit O’Neill ‘23




(Editors: Mary McManmon ‘20 and Maria Lennon ‘20)

BREAKING: 2020 Summer Olympics Postponed by Faith Chen ‘22 and Tess Farr ‘22

Mary McManmon’s Years on the Field by Mary McManmon ‘20

Tom Brady and Gronk Part Ways with the Patriots by Josie Marcucci ‘25

Montrose’s First Virtual Sports Banquet by Alanna Hyatt ‘22 and Faith Chen ‘22



(Editor: Jenn Uche ‘22)

The Walrus: A Year in Review and a Look Forward by Jenn Uche ‘22

Start of Summer With Poetry: Montrose Anthology from 2020 Poetry Jam by Jenn Uche ’22, Neha Sunkara ‘21, Ms. Thordarson, Mrs. Cahill Farella, and Julia Luster ‘26



Spanish Flu and Coronavirus: What’s the Difference? by Alanna Hyatt ‘22

Fear in the Time of Coronavirus by Anna Bachiochi ‘20

Dr. Anthony Fauci, NIAID Director by Kate Novack ‘24

Should We Open the Doors? A Closer Look at Recent Protests Against Stay-at-Home Orders by Jenn Uche ‘22

Covid-19’s Effect on the Anti-Vax Community by Anna Bachiochi ‘20



Profiles of Our Stunning 2020 Senior Editors: Steph Ciampa, Maria Lennon, Mary McManmon, Lily Wei, Sophie Kocho, and Anna Bachiochi

Thank You Seniors: Celebrating Our Musicians and Singers by Elyza Tuan ‘23

Thank You Seniors: Celebrating Our Thespians by Anna Sheehan ‘21

Thank You Seniors: Celebrating Our Varsity Athletes by Bella Convery ‘22, Carol Li ‘21, Alanna Hyatt ‘22, Neha Sunkara ‘21, and Faith Chen ‘22


Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for keeping up with the Looking Glass! We hope you enjoyed our articles in the 2019-2020 school year. And if you’re ever interested in writing a piece or joining the club, our doors (virtual or not!) are always open.


Look out for more articles this week and over the summer to keep up with Montrose and the Looking Glass!



The Looking Glass Editors, 2019-2020